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About Us

Disaster Technologies builds innovative technology to empower emergency management and first responder organizations.  Pinmark, our flagship product enables shared real-time information flow to one common platform for critical data-driven decisions.  Our web-based platform allows organizations the situational awareness to plan and execute an effective response with current field information and stabilization of critical lifelines from the public, partner agencies, and in-house employees.

Disaster Technologies intends to become a leader within the emergency management field - to be known for our groundbreaking technology and cost-effective products utilizing AI/machine learning, big data, as well as proprietary and open-source data. We are proud to be members of NVIDIA’s “Startup Incubator” and “AI/Deep Learning Developer” programs.  Through this prestigious membership, Disaster Technologies is privy to the latest techniques in designing, training, and deploying neural network-powered machine learning in its programs and applications. 

Disaster Technologies also enjoys a synergistic and strategic partnership with Garmin, Inc. for the development of cutting-edge tracking integrations with Garmin products and the Pinmark platform.

Elijah Fergason
Co-Founder & Principal Developer

Elijah Fergason - Co-founder and principal developer is uniquely qualified for the development of Pinmark.  His extensive background in emergency management operations includes tenure as the Geospatial Intelligence Unit Leader for FEMA in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria. Elijah was instrumental in the initial response and recovery efforts and, it was during this time he conceptualized the initial base system for Pinmark and beta phased the system and application.  Elijah also spent time with relief organizations internationally, during which he re-wrote the Mozambique Emergency Response Plan and led a team in Haiti as part of the HCM support mission.  He holds a master’s degree in Emergency Management.

Justin Barnes
Co-Founder & UI Design/Developer

Justin Barnes - Co-founder and UI design/developer brings a wide-ranging skill set to Disaster Technologies. His extensive emergency management knowledge and field operations experience from both a response and recovery perspective, has been essential in the user-side development of Pinmark. Justin has held a wide variety of management and leadership positions at federal level emergency response and recovery organizations. During Hurricane Maria, he led the Isolated Communities Task Force operation, planning and executing emergency supply drops to isolated populous. He served as the Hazard Mitigation Branch Director in Florida during Hurricane Irma, leading a team of 85 responders.  He has worked with numerous agencies throughout his tenure to include DoD, HHS, CBP, FBI, FEMA, DHS, ARC as well as interfacing with multiple NGO’s, States, and local communities.